About us

Sfarzo Guitar String Company LLC manufactures the finest fretted instrument strings available in the U.S.A and have done so since the early 1980’s. Collectively, our staff has 75 years of string making experience. Our string products are made by our own expert machinists on our own custom made machines.

Our brand

Sfarzo Guitar String metal alloy combination choices, in conjunction with the best possible raw materials available, represent what we feel is a superior string product.

Our Rounded HexCore, Wrap to Core Ratio, along with Gauge Coupling combinations ensure a high quality product. Projection and tone is outstanding.  Sfarzo are a leading company in Cryogenic string manufacturing and offer both coated and uncoated strings for all user preferences. With bright output and enhanced sustain, Sfarzo Strings are the favorite of professionals from all over the globe.